New Monthly Healing Support Program Through 2017!

Join our  monthly healing support, with Anita and colleague Jodie Carter. Jodie is a gifted healer and I am very appreciative of the opportunity to work with her through this initiative! As participant, you will be included in a healing session each week, and in daily maintenance–held in a field of clearing and activation powers

Living A Love Affair With Life ~ A new venture for those seeking the 'deep dive' into cutting-egde material

A Love Affair With Life Coming soon… A collaborative venture plunging deeply into both understanding and practical implementation of the exact steps required to bring about living a life of All Potential. Delivering extensive context on the larger cosmic picture, the deeper associated links between the many varied areas, and detailed instruction on how to

True Self Alchemy: An Exploration of the Psyche to Finally Resolve the Manifestation Paradox

Join us for a Direct, Personal Experience of True Self Alchemy We each respond primarily to the pull of one of four distinct sub-personality orientations. When we are blind to this pull, we operate unconsciously from one of four primal fears. Your distinctive fear underlies everything for you. It compels you to spend your life

Free Rune Mastery App ~ Limited Time Offer

The Runes of  the Infinite Mother were received by Almine over several years.  There are seven sets of 96 runes–one set per field of perception or chakra–that together, hold the full evolutionary potential of our being. These Runes hold the power of leveraged body evolution, and impact on your environment simultaneously.  As you use them, they ignite capacities

Powerful Rune Readings with Anita

I am offering private sessions where we explore deeply a life issue or theme you are working through, using the runes to cut through the illusion and create new paths across the fields, to interpret and express anew, or activate the powers of the subpersonalities, dissolve the mirrors of the meridians, and more. Sessions are

A Phenomenal Tool of Daily Manifestation & Guidance

The Bird Clock is the original work of the seer and great mystic Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys ( Join me for a journey of not turning back–to uncover secrets of Incorruptible White Magic. The Bird Clock of Infinite Intent is the most magical tool that we have from Almine! To read about it, go to

New Activation Sessions and Audio/Video Meditation Packages

Clearing the 12 Ordinary Meridians of Emotional Debris that locks you into Endless Drama and Karma Clearing the 12 Ordinary Meridians is the original work of Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys, (  The 12 Ordinary Meridians are the rivers of our life, that define the landscape of our experience through life.  When polluted by emotional patterns of