Liberating Your Radiant Power To Manifest in Limitlessness ~ Starts Next Week, May 16th

St phoebe imageWe are soon to start the program to liberate the body to its power to manifest beyond the law of compensation! If you are looking for radical aliveness and a complete overhaul on all levels, this could be for you!

This will be a program like none other, completely experiential, where participants will cultivate 12 distinct powers in ‘inner space’ and experience their potency in outer reality in wonderful ways!

Starts next week!

We begin by unraveling the ‘spell’ of negative emotions that are not real in the way we have imagined them to be. Once the spell is broken, they lose their grip and dissolve from the 12 ordinary meridians that flow life force through the body.

But to effectively dissolve the old, there must be new. We will activate higher capacities unique to each meridian, which will cause them to draw power from the inexhaustible reservoirs of inner space.

Inner space holds 9/10th of our power to manifest, and it has been largely untapped until now. When operating from the vast reservoirs of Source on inner space, we will eventually experience liberation from limitation.

Each week there is a webinar, to discover one of 12 exquisite powers to manifest a new reality of vibrant health, joy, passion, and fuller self-expression beyond what we have known or thought possible. Through the week, we live from that emerging, evolving power, using simple yet powerful alchemical tools to leverage results, and participants are held in an entrainment field of highly refined energies. This impacts on all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

The program will catalyze the body to higher functioning so that meridians and organs becomes generators of excess resources on all levels, rather than depletors, and the body will then run from its full intelligence–healing, regenerating, youthening, and evolving– as you manifest a life from whole-being engagement.

For more details on this total game-changer program, click the link:

With Wonderment and Excitement to Share these Tools of Liberation!


northern lights bird

Light Art for the Stomach meridian (first image), by Phoebe Surana

New Monthly Healing Support Program Through 2017!

Anita Briggs


Join our  monthly healing support, with Anita and colleague Jodie Carter. Jodie is a gifted healer and I am very appreciative of the opportunity to work with her through this initiative!

As participant, you will be included in a healing session each week, and in daily maintenance–held in a field of clearing and activation powers that will bring more graceful unfolding into your life. Sessions include Belvaspata, an angelic healing modality, and other alchemical activation processes, brought forth by the great mystic and seer Almine (

You can join for a month, or as a recurring monthly process. When you sign up, you can then send us an email to give us some background on what you wish us to focus on. While the program will go through clearing layers of distortion on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), we can also focus on specific areas as prompted by participants.

After each session, you will receive an email along with suggestions and Runes to support and deepen what what was done. You can also sign up loved ones, provided you have their permission. They do not have to interact with us, but we do require that they be willing to receive the transmissions.

One Month Only Option is $125 USD ~ Includes four healing sessions, daily support, and weekly emails with support tools.

Recurring monthly is $99 USD monthly ~ With the continued support, you will notice shifts in time: less density, pain, struggle, stress…more peace, grace, optimism, ease in moving forward, and vitality.

To sign up, please visit the dedicated website Whole Being Flourishing, at this link.


Due to unprecedented levels of physical issues that are interfering with the awakening of many who are here at this time to change life, we decided to offer a specialized program for body support. This is a 6-month commitment on your part, where you will receive daily healing and materials weekly to support healing your body and relationship to it. The body has been a tyrant that has demanded attention through pain and has trapped consciousness in density–through the 6 month program. Once you have completed the program, you can opt to be included a 2nd time at a nominal fee of $150 for the 6 months.

Program cost is $797 if paid up front, or $275 up front, followed by 6 payments of $97 monthly.

Visit the Whole Being Flourishing website for details. LINK TO COME

Testimonials from recent participants…

Loving these BVP sessions! So glad you’re offering this! Last night’s session was a drastic change in me.. I’ve never seen such a clear, sharp change like this after a session. My mind seems to be more tame.. now it feels more effortless. It’s a big difference… now there’s something in me that just automatically shuts the mental noise down right from the get go and nips it in the bud… I feel more present and timeless. Truly amazing and so grateful for this!!” Trace C, Ontario


I am in awe to notice the changes happening before my eyes. My old stories and issues are melting away, some of them are no longer an issue, it is like seeing with new lenses. It is true that sometimes I slide down, but I find in myself the resources and strength to climb up and I don’t stay in the hole for as long as I use to. I would like to sign up for another month and don’t want to miss any!  Maria A. NB


This is beautiful! Just amazing. It has been such a powerful and supported month of healing. I have had so much flush up and I hope that more illusion will continue to clear. These BVP sessions have been invaluable over the last few weeks and the support material has perfectly complemented each session. Miraculous support!! Em L, USA


The BVP sessions have been phenomenal. I feel density dissolving, fluidity being restored, eons of old programs being erased. All is in perfection. (And I love the behind the scenes session notes for each session.) Thank you for being fearless guides into the new reality of High Magic. Yvonne D, USA

“Dear Anita & Jodie – the sessions that you bring to us each week are truly an exquisite gift. I thoroughly enjoy the combined commitment and devotion to the preparations we are given as well as the follow up session notes on what has transpired. Through these sessions, a new awareness hovers, of all life experiences, in my work, in my relationships, in my bigger picture musings. So, while there may be drama here and there, I am less triggered and mostly unaffected… the drama resolves and is no longer or better yet, it never really was. “All is in perfection” is my new mantra and it is a state of being rather than an intellectual understanding. Since joining you, I am at once deeply contented, sweetly uplifted, and flowing gracefully with life. With deepest appreciation and love for what you bring to humanity. Love Caroline M, NB Canada


Just a note, as my experiences with your sessions and the mp3 meditations in the resources are ‘beyond words’ as the expression so aptly puts it. On Sunday we integrated the Runes, listened to the angels of DNA music and then the mighty lymph clearing meditation. Just what I needed for my personal issues. I went to sleep afterwards…the following night I had a much deeper experience this time than ever before. And again, afterwards went to sleep and completely ‘disappeared’ til morning. This is tremendously healing for me. I am so very grateful for you both and our group healing cauldron.  With love, Barbara, France


“In the course of the last three programs I have taken back to back with Anita, my life has changed completely. A lifelong struggle with hormonal imbalance was completely cured, all peri-menopausal symptoms were completely healed and I am no longer insane once a month for the first time since puberty—my mood is stable and my baseline is dramatically more peaceful then in the past. For me the work itself feels subtle but is incredibly deep….

In this BVP program, I made a huge evolutionary step forward, where suddenly my dreams are being made manifest. I have always been an idea factory, but the ideas stayed stuck inside—I was unable to make the transition into the physical world. I am now starting my dream business with a dear friend. And when I say dream business—something fantastical that I used to plan in the way you might dream of going to Mars, but you know you will never really do it. I’m really doing it—and its supported and viable. This is a labor of love and something I would want to do even when I have five million dollars. I’ve extremely excited and enthusiastic (not the old norm for me) and extraordinarily creative. I can also see how many things in the past, not all pleasant, were the perfect preparation for what I’m doing now—a great cosmic web of perfection. For anyone considering taking the monthly program, I would say: don’t hesitate. This may all sound hyperbolic, but sincerely, I have taken a lot of healing programs and this is by far the most life changing one I have ever participated in.” Clemintine G. USA


These session have been very profound. I feel much calmer and feel life has taken on a dream-like quality and I float peacefully in it even if I am busy doing things. My mind is very quiet….so different than before. The more I practice being in the moment, the more it is becoming available. I feel deep integration going on in my body. What also truly amazes me, is that my Fragrance Alchemy oils have been guiding me through issues by either leaking so that I take notice, or I smell the one I need.  Over the past few weeks, this guidance has been spot on. So grateful that the angels of these oils are with me on this incredible journey. Many blessings to you both for providing this incredible opportunity for awakening in us. Lynne S, NS

Living A Love Affair With Life ~ A new venture for those seeking the 'deep dive' into cutting-egde material

A Love Affair With Life

Coming soon… A collaborative venture plunging deeply into both understanding and practical implementation of the exact steps required to bring about living a life of All Potential. Delivering extensive context on the larger cosmic picture, the deeper associated links between the many varied areas, and detailed instruction on how to actually live a state of Spiritual Mastery as a wholly benevolent presence on Earth.  This venture is geared towards presenting the cutting-edge journey of highest evolutionary potentials in a way that  translates into daily practice for a life of flourishing. Please feel free to subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates  on this venture, launching in November 2016…

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True Self Alchemy: An Exploration of the Psyche to Finally Resolve the Manifestation Paradox

Join us for a Direct, Personal Experience of True Self Alchemy

We each respond primarily to the pull of one of four distinct sub-personality orientations.

When we are blind to this pull, we operate unconsciously from one of four primal fears.

Your distinctive fear underlies everything for you. It compels you to spend your life chasing what you think you need/can’t live without.

What we are inviting you to recognize – in an indisputable way – is that when we are “chasing” anything in the outside world we are actually reinforcing our primal fear.

Resolving this primal fear is the first step in understanding the Manifestation Paradox.

The next step takes you on a deep dive to uncover powers within you that you never imagined you had!

Catch the Reply of the webcast event from Thursday, August 17th 

Replay of TSA Webinar

What participants have said:

It was a very rich call that clocked in at 82-minutes and inspired comments like these:

“Today’s webinar was a beautiful and condensed embodied learning experience! Thank you, Elyse!” – Bobbye
“Great webinar last night – although I am not sure how I feel about doing a Wonder Woman pose!! lol. Then again it may help me get in touch with my feminine side.” – Andrew
“Thank you Elyse!! This is fantastic!” -Jeffrey
“I thought this was such a wonderful, joyful way to introduce folks to the program. I can feel all of Anita’s behind the scenes work as well. Excited for what is to come.” – Emma
“Thanks from the center of my being.” – Melany

Sign up by following this link: True Self Alchemy Deep Dive! 

Don’t miss this amazing experience to discover the untapped powers of reality co-creation within. These teachings have never been shared before and you will not find them anywhere else!  This is the Holy Grail!

Are you ready to start a new chapter in life wherein you finally unleash your full potential and express your boundless Self into a reality of infinite blessings?

Free Rune Mastery App ~ Limited Time Offer

The Runes of  the Infinite Mother were received by Almine over several years.  There are seven sets of 96 runes–one set per field of perception or chakra–that together, hold the full evolutionary potential of our being.

These Runes hold the power of leveraged body evolution, and impact on your environment simultaneously.  As you use them, they ignite capacities within the DNA and in tandem, they program the environment to sync up with your evolving awareness.

They are tools of manifestation and guidance, that work to clear the layers of programming that have accumulated in the old reality of separation.  You can read about their power on this link.

For a limited time, we are offering a free version of the Rune Mastery App that enables you to get a little taste of the Runes.

To sign up to the Free Rune Mastery App, click on this link: Free RMA

Each day, you receive a Rune of the day that has guidance and activating power, and you get free access to a Rune spread or a Rune integration process.  You do not get access to pdfs and audios that support the spreads and integrations, but the free App gives you a sense of things.

When you sign up for the free Rune Mastery App and send me an email at with subject “Bonus Integration”, you will receive access to a special integration process to play with for 14 days.

To sign up to the Free Rune Mastery App, click on this link: Free RMA


Amazing New Rune Mastery App ~ Spreads at your Fingertips on any Device!

The Runes of the Infinite Mother are the original work of Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys, (
anu-rune-mastery-subscriptions. The Rune Mastery App is designed to provide the capability of doing spreads with the Runes of the Infinite Mother, with great ease. These runes of power from the Infinite were received by Almine over several years. They hold the power of leveraged body evolution, and impact on your environment simultaneously. They are tools of manifestation and guidance, that work to clear the layers of programming that have accumulated in the old reality of separation.  You can read about their power on this link.

Take a brief tour of some of the capabilities that you will find in the RM App by clicking on this link.  There is also a practitioner subscription that includes live sessions monthly, so that you gain competency in doing spreads with clients online.  If you are a Rune Master or Grand Master and wish to use the Runes in your practice with clients, this tool will be an invaluable resource!

Click this link to go to the subscription page.

Some of the powerful spreads that you can do with the app, on any device!

7 rune spread Manifest 12


Guidance 4

Manifesting into Eternity- 6-week Interactive Program starting in May!

I am pleased to share information on a new program starting in May, given by Olivia Brooks-Scrivanich! 

Olivia has been studying with me for years, and is now offering her own very powerful program. Her area of passion is on manifesting from the true self, in cooperation with Infinite Intent.

Manifesting into Eternity…Journey to a New Reality

From Olivia…

How on earth could I really want something and be blocking it at the same time?  What are these blocks anyway?   Where are they?  How do I get rid of them?

On May 17th, in the course “Manifesting into Eternity…Journey to a New Reality”, I will share and teach you all I know about manifesting.  This isn’t about reading books, going to seminars, saying affirmations that make your gut contract because what you’re saying isn’t true.  It’s about releasing the blocks that literally stop the benevolent flows from Source.  You will be amazed!  We are co-creators with the Infinite and it’s time to live the life of one.   After clearing that which no longer serves you, you will find that the power of your intent is so miraculous, that when you release and direct it, you will be stunned!

Go here to find out more – Manifesting into Eternity, Journey to a New Reality

To claim your free ebook from Olivia, on Clearing your Inner Technology to Manifest with Source, click here!

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Powerful Rune Readings with Anita

I am offering private sessions where we explore deeply a life issue or theme you are working through, using the runes to cut through the illusion and create new paths across the fields, to interpret and express anew, or activate the powers of the subpersonalities, dissolve the mirrors of the meridians, and more. Sessions are deep and cut through to the core of being. Count on at least 2 hours.

How Does a Private Rune Reading Work?

First we explore the issue you are seeking clarity and shifting around. Then I determine which spread will best support–from dissolving mirrors of illusion, to activating the many powers of the 12 meridians, awakening and refining the 8 sub-personalities, or singing a new song across the 7 fields of perception, etc. We then do the spread on the amazing new rune software developed for this purpose, and you are led to deeply integrate their messages and powers.

The qualities of the runes not only work to shift the issue within you, but also speak to the environment. So a rune that represents a principle that is desirable to express in order to clear old issues, can also send a reverse communication from the outer reality to the inner, eliciting support from the universe, for new manifestation. The runes are an incredible power that work in ways beyond what the mind can grasp. Using the runes in specific spreads directs their power into a focused intention.

You are then led meditatively through the fields, sub-personalities, or meridians, as the case may be, to deeply integrate the shifts and open to receiving support for a new reality to manifest around you. You then receive access to the rune spread and support materials (pdf, audio or video), in order to work with the tools on your own.

To book a session and receive the discount, follow this link to the AcademyofFragranceAlchemy site.


About Anita…

anita photo 01I have been working as a healer since 2000 and teacher since 2005. Deeply steeped in the esoteric, I have been called a mystic and metaphysician. When I met Almine in 2013, I recognized the tools that I had been searching for, in my quest for the higher hormones of a dignified existence. This quest has been unrelenting, and I am very happy to say that I have found the ‘holy grail’ in secrets of the runes, which are the powers to be made anew, and secrete the pheromones of Infinite Intent.

I was initiated by Almine as placeholder of the Runes for Canada, in September 2014, and later initiated as Grand Master in July 2015. Steeped in the esoteric mysteries of the runes, I teach rune intensive programs online that includes mastery initiation.